• Right to membership Identity Card. It is renewable every 2 years for free
  • Annual professional Affiliation and subscription fee as may be determined by the NEC
  • All members are qualified for induction


  • The use of appropriate membership grade designatory after names
  • Attends State, National and International Seminars and Conferences
  • Protects the interest of members in discharging official duties where necessary.
  • Allows the use of BoT members or NEC members as referee at work place where required.


  • Professional Development and Career Support:
    (a) International events e.g National and Regional Conferences in the USA
    (b) US trainings, short courses and workshops
    (c) State and national awards
  • Free Life and Accident Insurance Policy for members:
    (a) ₦50,000 claim for each Domestic or Motor Accident within a Policy Year
    (b) ₦100,000 claim for Permanent Disability as a result of Accident
    (c) ₦200,000 claim to the next of Kin in the case of death as a result of Domestic or Motor Accident
  • State and National Award of Excellence in Journalism
  • Job Centre Services (for employers and Job seekers in journalism)
  • Access to Welfare package e.g Credit facility/Soft loans, discounted purchases etc.